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Boat House

Boat HouseThe lake and the circling road around it are central to all activities in Kodai. The first-time tourist’s love of kodai begins with a soft walk to the lake. It is one of the most beautiful man-made lakes up in mountain slopes. It is the creation of Sir Vere Hendry Levinge in 1863. Who was the Collector of Madurai (1819 -1885). It is spread over an area of 60 acres and surrounded by a circular road of 5 km length. Here boats can be hired from the Boat Club. Walking round the lake on foot is best, but riding a hired bicycle will offer the additional pleasure of enjoying the breeze. The fogs slowly gliding down to touch the green trees in the slopes and the distant buildings.

Sir Vere Hendry Levinge brought the first boat from Tuticorin. In 1890, a boat club was formed and the members sailed in the boat. In 1910 a new boat house was constructed. From May 1929 few tourist were only permitted to avail boat ride, as temporary members. Then the boat service was extended to the public and tourist in 1932.

Berijam Lake

This is another small artificial lake in the upper regions of Palani Hills. The lake area and the adjoining village Berijam. An early morning drive to Berijam Lake will be rewarded with a rare sight of jungle fowls crossing the road. Official permission from the forest department is necessary to visit this place.


Reservoir The First water supply scheme was completed in the year 1940 by the Municipality. A 'Reservoir' was opened in the year 1940 by the then Collector of Madurai. The project was supervised by the Municipality. This is the primary water source for kodai town. It is also one of the best tourist place but you must avoid litter inside this place. It is located far from kodaikanal observatory.

Bear Shola Falls

Bear SholaThere were one bears here; now, the name may as well be changed to Bear Shola as most of the forest has been cut down. It remains very pretty spot within two kilometers of the lake.

Silver Cascade

Silver CascadeThis is located on the main ghat road, 8 km's away as one approaches Kodai from Kodai Road. Overflow of Kodai lake takes 180 ft leap over a steep cliff, to crash into a pool beside the ghat Road. Whether it is hot sunny or winter season, Here water drops from the mountains, like a melted silver.

Vattakanal Falls

The one and only magnificent falls is "Grand Cascade". Moving down Pambar Raivine is Zigzagging stream that cascades over a series of rock formations. It is 4kms away from Kodaikanal. Now it is called as "Vattakanal Falls".

Rat Tail Falls

This is also called as Thalayaru falls.The widest falls, ranging from 13th kilometer on the ghat road to kodai. It is one of the highest falls in India and Asia, with their 975ft sheer drop. More over it is also a trekking place for local people and school students.

Greeny Falls

It is located on the road of Kukkal and Kavunji Road. You can enjoy the beauty of green and falls view without the rush of population crowd.

Elephant valley view Falls

Anjuveddu falls it is now called Elephant Valley View. It is also neglected by the tourist people, but it is one of the best place in the world. Some times you can watch Elephants and other wild animals near the falls. It is located near Perumalmalai, Pethuparai. You have to travel 18 kilometer to this place from kodaikanal Lake and few minutes walk inside the Safety Forest.

Fairy Shola Falls

It's a beautiful picnic spot just 5 km away from the kodai lake. There is wondrous Silver Flow here.